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Flash Dryer

Flash-Dryer for Alternative Fuels (AF)

Solid alternative fuels can be dried quickly and inexpensively, by using waste heat to reduce the fuel-moisture. Drying of AF-materials as SRF or RDF can be costly and time-consuming with other systems.
Our Flash Dryers use waste-gas suspension drying, to reduce the fuel moisture economically and quickly. The drying takes place in a vertically arranged duct with contacts of hot gases from the clinker cooler after dedusting or from the CL-bypass system. There are no moving parts or grid which are causing expensive wear and downtime. A connected cyclone is removing the off-gas and collects the AF materials for a further processing to the combustion system.
-          using waste heat as CO2 emission neutral
drying process
-          increasing the heat value (NCV) of the AF for
improved combustion process
-          increase the thermal substitution rate for AF
-          removes moisture and combustion gas volume
-          removes inert heavy materials as stones
and metals
-          avoiding troubles in fuel handling
within the cold season
-          low space requirement for retrofit

Flash-Dryer for Alternative Fuels (AF)
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