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specific technical solutions for cement and lime industry - ROCKTEQ

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More than 30 years of engineering and operation experience in the cement & lime industry for energy-intensive equipment:

we offer a pre-study to check the pyroprocess as support for AF increase

efficient burner systems for lowest fuel- and operation costs

to increase the thermal substitution rate with alternative fuels

increase the burn-out and reduce CO-formation in the calciner

waste heat dryer to increase the NCV of AF-Fuels     

that system is drying and classifying the AF for improved combustion conditions  

full automatic fuel valve skids designed according valid safety standards

to provide hot air for drying of coal or raw materials
Alternative Fuels
Satellite burner
Calciner Burner
Flash Dryer
Alternative Fuels Fraction
full automatic fuel valve skids
Hot Gas Generator

We are glad for your inquiries to offer our specific technical solutions.

We are working on your issues for emission reduction topics and
energy saving,
to reduce production costs while reducing CO2 emissions and CO2 certificates.
Our focus is on high clinker quality and the least possible influence on the kiln output performance.
Burnerhead - Rockteq
We offer a modern combustion technology with a high thermal substitution rate.

We are process engineers with long-term experience
who truly understand the requirements of plant operators and plant managers.


After all, success is always teamwork with you.

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