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We provide support for studies, analysis and for project management as:
Plant Inspection
  • Plant Visits and Audits

  • Analysis for Process Improvements

  • Pyroprocess Optimizations

  • Detail Engineering

  • Project-Management

  • Procurement Service

  • Support for Installation- and Erection Works

  • Inspections & Supervision

  • Training of Operators

  • Support for your Maintenance

  • Spare-Parts Services

  • Technical Documentation
                                           Alternative Fuel Studies & Preprojects

We provide studies to increase Solid Alternative Fuels (RDF)

Plant Visit – Data Gathering:
Analysis of fuels
Check of dosing equipment
Analysis of clinker quality
Check of kiln inlet, gas circles, emissions
Check of kiln shell and sintering zone

Concept Report:
Guideline on how to increase the alternative fuel substitution rate on the kiln
Commercial calculations of ROI
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